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Frenchie Couture / Pour Mon Amour is a pet boutique that caters specifically to French Bulldogs. We offer a variety of quality clothing, accessories, and more.


Our goal is to provide fun and unique products you can't find anywhere else. Your animals are part of your family; make sure they're dressed like it when you shop with us!

A spunky and beautiful French Bulldog named Bella Helen Gann is the inspiration of Frenchie Couture / Pour Mon Amour. Bella saved the owner's life during super storm Sandy and has since become his pride and joy!


We carefully select and create all of our products based on what we want for animals.

All of our unique product designs are Bella tested and approved!


We have something for your dog! Call us today to find out more:

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Frenchie Couture / Pour Mon Amour is proud to serve Long Island and New York City!

“Everyone is handed adversity in life. No one’s journey is easy. It’s how they handle it that makes people unique.” –Kevin Conroy


Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Jeremy K. Gann experienced a childhood in search of love. Given up by his birth mother for adoption, he learned at a young age how to grow up fast. Despite the hardships of his youth, once becoming an adult he took a leap of faith and moved to the city of dreams, New York City. With hopes of finding himself, little did he know that his journey was just beginning and there was much more in store.


As fate would have it, into Jeremy’s life strutted a spirited French Bulldog named Bella Helen Gann. She gave him meaning and allowed him to feel what he had been longing for all his life, unconditional love. With a partner in crime by his side he was ready to take on the world, but not without a few setbacks first. After a car crash that left him immobile for weeks and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy leaving him homeless, life seemed relentless.


Bella was by Jeremy’s side through all of these trials, but he needed to do what was best for her, while he worked on putting himself in a better situation for the both of them. Feeling lost and unhappy, a ray of light shined down upon him when he met the mother figure he never had, Sharon Davis-Edwards. Her role in his life was extremely pivotal as she helped him and Bella when they were down and showed him yet again the beauty of unconditional love.  


Unhappy with how clothing fit Bella he decided to take the talents he was blessed with and create something of his own. After sharing his vision and sketches with his kindred spirit, Sharon, Frenchie Couture/Pour Mon Amour was born. Indulge in their journey.

About our founder Jeremy K. Gann

Established in 2014, Frenchie Couture/Pour Mon Amour is a pet boutique that creates fashionable garments, gear and accessories for French Bulldogs. Founded by Jeremy K. Gann and bought to life by Danielle Edwards, the Long Island based brand’s goal is to provide your Frenchie with the most exclusive and luxurious products that can't be found anywhere else. Cater to your pup’s style with these couture goods!

Our Story

“Spoil Your Frenchie in Style”